Why This Initiative?

We believe our field needs a comprehensive resource platform to allow everyone, from experienced and upcoming researcher to undergrad student or crowd enthusiasts, to have easy access to:

  • Open-Access Resources: A rich collection of software, data sets, project insights, and new articles, open to everyone.

  • Model Explanations: Comprehensive summaries shedding light on various model mechanisms.

  • Software Discussions: Detailed pages on tools related to pedestrian dynamics.

  • Conference Insights: Dive deep into post-conference analyses, especially from events like PED and TGF, highlighting the latest innovations.

  • Collaborative Involvement: We aim to regularly collaborate with peers, inviting them to contribute and share their groundbreaking work.

  • Research Group Introductions: Featuring introductions to active research teams, enhancing collaboration within the pedestrian dynamics community.

We founded PedestrianDynamics.org in the spirit of transparency and openness. While we might be the primary editors and hosts, we stress that this platform does not represent any private interest or corporate entity. Instead, we want it to be a beacon for collective knowledge, collaboration, and advancement in pedestrian dynamics.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, learn, and expand their horizons.


Dr. Mohcine Chraibi, Kai Kratz, and Tobias Schrödter